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"A suburban housewife takes on the icon of 20th century physics and finds miracles along the way"

David de Hilster
David de Hilster
Andrea Tucker
Nick Tamburri
Andrea Tucker
Nick Tamburri
David de Hilster
Jack Sherman
Main Characters:
Pat de Hilster
Bob de Hilster
Various Scientists
Andrea Tucker
Nick Tamburri
Executive Producer:
Greg Volk
Story Consultant:
Mike de Hilster
Legal Consultant:
Donaldson & Callif
Distribution Consultant:
Peter Broderick
Original Music:
Michael Ruggieri (composer)
Theme Song:
Michael Ruggieri (composer)
Kayla Trindade-Schweitzer
(lead vocal)
Music Video Cast:
William Dalzelle III
Vitamar Arnold
Bruna Hiranda
Michael de Hilster
Robert de Hilster
Pat de Hilster
David de Hilster
David de Hilster &
Samba Collection

David de Hilster
2nd Camera:
Tamir Mostafa
Geoff Hunter
Alexandro Fette
Lawrie Margrave
Ken Hofeling
Tamir Mostafa
Hans Strupat
Website / Poster:
Darin Bradford
Production Assistants:
Brent Berends (assistant to producers and director)
Kate James (assistant to producers and director)
Geoff Hunter (production assistant, camera)
Alexandro Fette (production assistant, camera)
Tamir Mostafa (boom)
Robert de Hilster (boom)
Vitamar Arnold (boom)


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The Scientists

In May of 2004, David de Hilster asked his mother if she would go with him to visit scientists working outside the mainstream. During that journey, David began to create a webpage to catalog some of those scientists.  The webpage has turned into a database that now holds over 2000 scientists from 74 countries - all working outside the mainstream.

Thus was born the World Science Database which now holds more than 12,000 items of data including scientists, abstracts, journals, conferences, and more.

Website: www.naturalphilosophy.org


Live Stats from the World Science Database

Some Scientists from the Database

Some Books from the Database


DissidentSciencePodcastMainstream physics and cosmology have run amuck and theories such as the big bang, black holes, and relativity are now under fire by thousands of scientists, professors, and engineers from around the world. Step into the world of the dissident scientist and find satisfying answers to mainstream dead ends and you will discover that science is fun again!

Follow us as we interview the next generation of great scientists who are knocking mainstream science on its proverbial keester.


World Science Database
World Science Database

You can find all the podcasts at http://www.dissidentscience.com.



If Einstein is wrong, why don’t I know anything about it and why is it not all over the news?

The mainstream simply does not read criticisms and refutations about relativity,  the big bang, etc. This is bourne out in a report by 60 Minutes in April of 2009 called “Cold Fusion is Hot Again“. Sixty Minutes discovered the reason cold fusion is not accepted by the mainstream is that no one in the mainstream reads what those outside the mainstream are doing and reporting.  Thus, scientists outside the mainstream continue their work without recognition or support of the mainstream scientists and media.

Here is a quote from the April 2009 60 Minutes story:

“You know, I wonder how you feel about going public endorsing this phenomenon on 60 Minutes when maybe 90 percent, I’m guessing, of your colleagues think that it’s crackpot science?” Pelley asked.

“I certainly was among those 90 percent before I looked at the data. And I can see where they’ll be very concerned when they see this piece. All I have to say is: read the published results. Talk to the scientists. Never let anyone do your thinking for you,” he replied.

If Einstein is wrong, then who is right?

In science, not all theories can be replaced.  Some theories need to be thrown out and start over.  Many dissident scientists from around the world agree that we must start over with the fundamentals and that relativity is a dead-end.

What about all the proof out there for relativity?

Most scientists, professors, and journalists repeat what they have been told about “proof” for relativity.  If you actually go back, study the actual experiments, you find a very different story. In the film, we take the proof head-on and what we found was very surprising. What did we find?  See the movie when it comes out.

What are the plans for the release of this documentary?

Director David de Hilster has been a member of the International Documentary Association since 2004 and has been participating and consulting with members and directors of the organization. The plan is to submit the documentary to the major film festivals in 2013 including Canne, Berlin, SilverDocs, Toronto to name a few. If all works out, de Hilster wants submit the documentary to the IDA’s DocuWeeks which help qualify films for Oscar nomination. De Hilster is working with lawyer Michael Donaldson and distribution consultant Peter Broderick.

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