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In May of 2004, David de Hilster asked his mother if she would go with him to visit scientists working outside the mainstream. During that journey, David began to create a webpage to catalog some of those scientists.  The webpage has turned into a database that now holds over 2000 scientists from 74 countries - all working outside the mainstream.

Thus was born the World Science Database which now holds more than 12,000 items of data including scientists, abstracts, journals, conferences, and more.

Website: www.naturalphilosophy.org


Live Stats from the World Science Database

Scientists: 2921Abstracts: 6616Books: 1478Websites: 1312
Conferences: 698Journals: 138Media: 405
Total Items: 13638Go to Database

Some Scientists from the Database

Satya Pal Asija
"OurPal" Engineer, Patent Attorney
Interests: Correction, Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Einstein
Nationality: Indian / USA
Abstracts: 34
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Nickolai Kupriaev
Interests: Special Relativity
Nationality: Russian
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Z. Dahlen Parker
backyard experimenter
Interests: Alternate Energy, Electric Universe, De-westernized Historical Re-construction
Nationality: Heritage: Norwegian/Swedish
Abstracts: 34
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Dr. David M. Anderson
"Dave" Scientist
Interests: Physical Chemistry
Nationality: USA
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Some Books from the Database

The Energy Grid: Foundation, Equations and Ramifications
by Jorge Resines
Publisher: Borderland Sciences Year: 1989
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Tubular Mechanics in Oil and Gas wells-Postdoctoral Report
by Prof. Zifeng Li
Pages: 98 Year: 1994
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The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction
by Dr. Edmund Storms
Pages: 312 Publisher: World Scientific Year: 2007
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