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Pioneering Introduction to the Social Revolution in Science

Einstein Wrong Poster 27x40 800wApril 26, 2015

By Harry H. Ricker III

David de Hilster's film, Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year, is a documentary that explores an important nascent social movement that is currently ignored by the establishment mainstream media. It documents the aspirations of ordinary people to more completely understand and appreciate the world they live in, but who can not, because of a systematic conspiracy to obscure the truth and censor differences of opinion in scientific research. This documentary asks a very deeply profound philosophical question: Should we accept the truth handed to us by experts who have titles, money, and government power to back up what they tell us is scientific truth, or should we trust to our own ideas about what the world is actually like, based upon how we as human individuals living in the world actually experience it? The film answers this question as a humanist would, we must trust that the world exists as we experience it and we must not trust the opinions and propaganda of experts who would tell us that the world is an absurdity through a metaphysical myth disguised as science.

The film combines a sophisticated philosophy about what science is for, and why society should fund science, and turns that around and asks the question: Are the experts serving us well in the teaching of scientific truth, or is the truth taught to us in schools and universities merely a myth created by experts who don't have any really valid answers, and so censor all controversy about truth in science in the interest of maintaining their social positions and funding sources?

Social Revolution

On the surface by looking at only the title, Einstein Wrong, the film seems to be a science documentary dealing with questions of physical science beyond the comprehension of the average person. The film deals with that issue by introducing Patricia de Hilster, David's mother, who presents herself as just an ordinary person asking questions. This introduces the main theme of the film, which is the relevance of science to the human experience. The main character of the film, that is the protagonist, is not a person but an organization or collection of people in a science organization known as the Natural Philosophy Alliance or NPA. It is these people who the film is about. They are the protagonists of the nascent social revolution. They are viewed from the perspective of Patricia, who is asking questions and discovering that the NPA answer is that Einstein's theories are wrong.

CuttingLeadThe antagonist is also not a single person, but the mainstream science establishment. That is the collection of people determined to force us to accept that Einstein's theories of relativity are indeed true and valid science. The film asks the question: Should we trust the scientific truth as promoted by the establishment through propaganda and censorship of alternate viewpoints as a guide to what is true about the world? The protagonists, who are part of the nascent social movement for a new scientific truth, are challenging the experts who tell us what is true and correct in science. The discovery that Einstein is wrong, is of course a shattering revelation destroying the myth created by the science establishment through the conspiracy of government funded experts and their media fellow travelers.They have it all wrong, if Einstein their most vaunted hero is wrong. So it is important to maintain the myth that establishment science has all of the correct answers. But the busting of the Einstein myth, and all the other myths that the science experts are selling, opens up a new way of viewing the universe without Einstein and the vaunted experts with PHDs and impressive titles standing in the way of our human understanding. It is a revolution in intellectual thought. That is the experts do not have the exclusive title to the truth and so there must be some other truth worth discovering for ourselves. Hence the film is about a new road to scientific truth, one that does not depend upon the experts who have led us in the wrong direction for 100 years. It is a film about a revolution creating new kind of intellectual freedom.

Scientific Truth

Several years ago this writer attended a lecture given by a well known author of books explaining Einstein's theory of relativity. During the course of the lecture he attempted to explain the twins paradox, the bending of space and warping of time as well as other mysteries of relativity. Towards the end he declared in a definitive way that according to Einstein's general theory of relativity that gravity did not exist. This was greeted by universal disbelief. The audience, which consisted of high school science students and their teachers were obviously confused. How was it possible that gravity does not exist, when we have been told repeatedly how gravity is the most important force in the universe? The mystery was never fully explained. All the answers given were met by more puzzlement and failed to explain this mysterious conclusion drawn from Einstein's general theory of relativity.

David de Hilster's film is a first step forward in a revolution of scientific truth that is needed to resolve the mystery of Einstein's relativity. It declares a simple fact that resolves the problems encountered in trying to make sense of Einstein's relativity theory. That solution is that Einstein is Wrong. Hence we can sweep away all of the confusion, puzzlement, and mystery surrounding the Einstein theories just by the simple realization that there is nothing to understand in these ideas, because they are wrong and so do not deserve our attempts to make sense out of them. They are just nonsense and should be dismissed from our minds as any thing relating to any possible correct scientific theory of our world as we experience it.

The film documents why a new approach to truth is sorely needed in a society that worships scientific truth determined by unknown self appointed experts, who are unfortunately contaminated by self serving ignorance. The film documents how to bring science back to a foundation that is not the property of academic experts, who have a particular view of the world that they seek to impose upon the population of ignorant humans. The film has an entirely different agenda. It seeks to unmask the illusion that science deals in truth, or scientific knowledge, and shows us that this concept is an illusion.Ultimately, any concept of scientific truth is intimately an individual belief. That is human truth is personal.

OnStepsScientific truth is not supposed to be personal, but universal, that is something that is discovered outside of human experience. We are supposed to bow to this truth because it is objective, and impersonal. That is it is not based upon human experience, and is based upon mathematical expertise determining scientific knowledge. But who is it that controls this objective knowledge? The academic community of experts controls this. We have no reason to trust that their concept of truth is indeed true.They are not honest or even uninterested. They promote a truth that is dishonest because it derives from academic and government authority. They along with the governments have a vested interest in promoting their self interest. We must not and should not trust them. They need to show that they are honest and objective and they do not and can not show that they believe in truth.

An obvious example of the failure of so called mainstream academic and governmental science to promote real truth in science is that while we know that Einstein's theories are obviously wrong, the academics tell us that they are scientifically true. The film documents some important examples of the deception that is being promoted by the science establishment. First, there is the example of the Global Positioning System or GPS which is claimed to be based upon the Einstein theory of relativity but actually is not. In fact GPS refutes Einstein's special relativity because it uses a absolute or universal system of time measurement, which relativity says can not exist. Second we have the famous Hafele-Keating experiment which is claimed to be a validation of special relativity but does not actually validate it. A famous dissident scientist Domina Spencer discusses why the data doesn't prove that the theory is validated by this experiment. One has to conclude that the experiment either proves nothing or actually refutes special relativity depending upon how one interprets the data.

Catchy Theme Song

The artistic elements in the film deserve as much attention as do the intellectual aspects. One of the most outstanding elements is the outstandingly beautiful musical score. In a documentary one does not expect to find an original musical score. Here there is an outstanding musical composition in the theme song. It is not just a pleasing catchy tune, it is well written and the lyrics deserve careful attention, but most astonishing is that it is sung by a woman with an extraordinary beautiful voice. Her singing is engaging and wonderful. The music in the film is extraordinary in itself and it is worth viewing the film just to appreciate the music alone. The photography is professionally done, although there is nothing dramatically artistic about it. It is simply well executed.

KissingLuandaThe film uses effective artistic methods to develop multiple thematic ideas that contribute to a strong audience impact, making it an effectively entertaining film. This is most effective in the way that the de Hilster family life, that is the real experience of real people, fits beautifully into the film as a backdrop that supports the primary theme of the documentary. The film deals with the birth of David's daughter, a wonderful human experience, and the averted tragedy of his fathers near death due to lung cancer. These are the realities of human existence, that occur along the road to any search for truth.That is the real world always rules us and our lives and it is the experience of living that ultimately makes our individual human journeys worthwhile. The artistic value of the film is therefore able to support the rather heavy theme of a scientific social revolution that is, unfortunately, highly technical and probably unappealing to many audiences. The artistic merit outweighs these deficiencies.

Einstein Wrong is a film that challenges us to come to grips with whether or not we believe in science as a method of proof regarding what is true in terms of the real world. That is science is supposed to deal with what is actually true and real about the world rather than what we humans would like to believe is true based upon our metaphysical prejudices and myth making tendencies. If we reject that idea of real world truth and replace it with myth making, we are lost in a sea of confusion. We have to make choices about truth that we alone are responsible for and that is a daunting task. We would like to avoid that responsibility and just let the experts decide. But that is the crisis of our times. We should not let the experts decide, because they are not honest and do not have our best interests in mind because they have their own interests and the interests of those who pay them uppermost, and that is the difficulty in the blind acceptance of any kind of establishment scientific knowledge.

David de Hilster's documentary film Einstein Wrong is destined to be remembered as a pioneering introduction to the social revolution in science that is underway and gaining momentum. Its artistic values enable a complex philosophical idea that is growing out of a small social group to be presented to a wide audience of people who may not be aware of scientific methods and procedures. That difficulty is bypassed by making the film entertaining on its own terms. The viewer may not understand why Einstein is wrong, or even believe that, but he will understand why people are asking that question and arriving at the answer that Einstein may be wrong. That opens up new vistas of scientific exploration into a future without Einstein's theories. We have the possibility of new ideas about the universe and its creation. Ideas which add a new and different perspective to the human experience of nature. I cant wait for the new revolution to take place so that the range of human ideas can expand and our contemplation and wonder at the beauty of our natural world is developed toward a a more nearly perfect human understanding.It is not a film that documents the alleged affair between Einstein and Marilyn Monroe, it goes beyond the pop culture image of Einstein as the greatest scientific mind of the 20th century to ask important deeply profound philosophical questions: Is science to be the pursuit of only the establishment academics? Is the science promoted by the science establishment really true and correct, and is scientific truth the only way humans ought to conceive and interpret the world? That is, is the truth of human experience, that which the scientific experts tell us that it is, or is truth something that each one of us determines according to his own rules and beliefs?

About the Reviewer, Harry H. Ricker III


Harry H. Ricker III

Harry Ricker’s first dissident scientific paper was titled “Report On The Discovery Of Interstellar Dust Filaments”. It reflects his interest in astronomy and astrophysics, which was stimulated by his astronomy classes in college. Over the years he has owned a number of telescopes, and he is an active amateur astronomer. The paper on dust filaments was inspired by an interest in collecting astrophotographs, and the study of them. Morphology , the study of forms, had not been systematically applied to interstellar dust formations, and this was systematically studied. Unfortunately, the results were not well received as they contradicted the received view that the interstellar medium is a diffuse gas with interspersed puffy clouds. The filaments discovery contradicts this model. The dust filaments are more like cirrus clouds than the cumulus clouds that are required for star formation.

Around 1990, Harry’s interest shifted to electromagnetic theory. This was inspired by the papers of Ivor Catt which appeared in Wireless World, and suggested a different way to view the theory of electricity and magnetism. This inspired an investigation of the history of magnetism and electricity, a study which has revealed a number of interesting new insights into this history. This includes the discovery of theories of magnetism in the presocratic greek period and the middle ages.

Around 1995, as a result of his studies in electricity and magnetism, Harry began an investigation of the special theory of relativity and discovered that this theory didn't seem to really fit into the electromagnetic theory as claimed by the textbooks. This initiated a detailed analysis of the theory of relativity which has resulted in his disowning that theory as false and misleading. This began a long period of study which culminated in a new approach to that theory which eliminates its contradictions, paradoxes, and absurd conclusions.

Harry entered Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University majoring in electrical engineering , following the profession of his father, who was a NASA engineer at Langley Field, VA. His interest in electronics was inspired by his childhood hobby, amateur radio, and this later led to a lifelong passion for the study of electromagnetic theory, antennas, and radio systems. In 1971 he received the B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1970 he began graduate studies in electrical engineering at The University of New Hampshire, and received his M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in 1972.

Uplifting Words from Composer’s Sister


Composer Michael Ruggieri talks after the screening about his experience as a composer.

Deana Ruggieri, the composer's sister wrote a wonderful email to us after the screening. I asked if I could share it and she said yes. It is very uplifting.

"...I wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed the film. Congratulations! It was entertaining, informative, uplifting..I also can't wait to see your parents again...they rock!!!

From a scientific perspective, it inspired me to learn more, to become informed so I can understand the questions that the film raises...fascinating subject.

From the perspective of someone who has had the pleasure of knowing you and your family for the past years, it made me love you all even more! Your mother -- your dad...they were wonderful!!! All the miracles in your lives were an excellent story to tell as they were woven in with the scientific aspect of the film. Also, Dean and I always have loved your mom's personality so much, and seeing her on the big screen...and watching her journey, the humor...off the charts!! I can't wait for Dean to see the film, and I look forward to seeing it again.

I will be anxious to see what impact your film has on the scientific community...I hope it does everything you dream...

The graphics were great...I am so glad one of your audience members addressed that last night...and also, you make an excellent narrator...you did a terrific job David!! Very impressed, and inspired...you are one of several people I know who have completed long term projects as we close 2013...it's really great!!

And last, but not least, I am so grateful that you gave Michael, my dear, sweet brother, the opportunity to share his talents...I thought the music was incredible...and if I didn't know him, I would think the guy who did the music for your movie has done it a 100 times!! I am so proud of him for sticking with it and having the faith to see it through...may it build his confidence and inspire him to follow his heart...and continue to express himself musically, as that is who he is inside...Thank you.

All the best David to you and all of the DeHilster clan!!

Press Release November 20, 2013

Contact Information:

David de Hilster
Bootstrap Productions
Long Beach, California
Tel: 310-991-5744

Screening of the Documentary film “Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year” at the Arts Theater in Long Beach Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 9 pm

Long Beach (November 20, 2013) - Bootstrap Productions of Long Beach California announces the first theatrical screening of the feature-length documentary "Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year" directed by David de Hilster at the Arts Theater in Long Beach California on Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 9 pm to midnight. The 90 minute film documents a suburban housewife who takes on the icon of 20th century physics and finds miracles along the way.

Started in the year 2005, the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s Miracle year, the film follows Mrs. de Hilster from Long Beach as she goes on a journey into the dissident world of physics where Einstein is not revered, but revoked. During the journey, the de Hilster family not only takes on challenges to Einstein, but overcomes personal obstacles in a touching story of triumph over possible tragedy.

Before the screening, guests can meet director David de Hilster, the production team, and cast including soundtrack composer Michael Ruggieri in a pre-film gathering at 9 pm. After the screening there will be a panel discussion featuring the director, producers, cast and scientists from the film lead by writer / director, Kip Stolberg. There will also be a special screening of the film’s music video featuring Michael Ruggieri’s theme song sung by Kayla Trindade-Schweitzer, also Long Beach residents.

The screening takes place on Saturday, December 7th, 2013 from 9 pm to midnight at the Arts Theater located at 2025 E 4th St Long Beach, CA 90814. More information at http://www.einsteinwrong.com or call 310-991-5744.

About David de Hilster

David de Hilster is a scientist, artist, and filmmaker who met Argentine Physicist Dr. Ricardo Carezani in the early 1990s in Long Beach California who showed Einstein Wrong back in the 1940s. De Hilster has worked with Carezani and other scientists around the world in helping them get their work and theories recognized eventually starting the World Science Database (www.worldsci.org) in 2008 which now catalogs over 2000 scientists worldwide who work outside the mainstream. De Hilster has been a member of the International Documenary Association since 2004 and is currently submitting his film to major film festivals around the world.


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