Pioneering Introduction to the Social Revolution in Science

Einstein Wrong Poster 27x40 800wApril 26, 2015

By Harry H. Ricker III

David de Hilster's film, Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year, is a documentary that explores an important nascent social movement that is currently ignored by the establishment mainstream media. It documents the aspirations of ordinary people to more completely understand and appreciate the world they live in, but who can not, because of a systematic conspiracy to obscure the truth and censor differences of opinion in scientific research. This documentary asks a very deeply profound philosophical question: Should we accept the truth handed to us by experts who have titles, money, and government power to back up what they tell us is scientific truth, or should we trust to our own ideas about what the world is actually like, based upon how we as human individuals living in the world actually experience it? The film answers this question as a humanist would, we must trust that the world exists as we experience it and we must not trust the opinions and propaganda of experts who would tell us that the world is an absurdity through a metaphysical myth disguised as science.

The film combines a sophisticated philosophy about what science is for, and why society should fund science, and turns that around and asks the question: Are the experts serving us well in the teaching of scientific truth, or is the truth taught to us in schools and universities merely a myth created by experts who don't have any really valid answers, and so censor all controversy about truth in science in the interest of maintaining their social positions and funding sources?

Social Revolution

On the surface by looking at only the title, Einstein Wrong, the film seems to be a science documentary dealing with questions of physical science beyond the comprehension of the average person. The film deals with that issue by introducing Patricia de Hilster, David's mother, who presents herself as just an ordinary person asking questions. This introduces the main theme of the film, which is the relevance of science to the human experience. The main character of the film, that is the protagonist, is not a person but an organization or collection of people in a science organization known as the Natural Philosophy Alliance or NPA. It is these people who the film is about. They are the protagonists of the nascent social revolution. They are viewed from the perspective of Patricia, who is asking questions and discovering that the NPA answer is that Einstein's theories are wrong.

CuttingLeadThe antagonist is also not a single person, but the mainstream science establishment. That is the collection of people determined to force us to accept that Einstein's theories of relativity are indeed true and valid science. The film asks the question: Should we trust the scientific truth as promoted by the establishment through propaganda and censorship of alternate viewpoints as a guide to what is true about the world? The protagonists, who are part of the nascent social movement for a new scientific truth, are challenging the experts who tell us what is true and correct in science. The discovery that Einstein is wrong, is of course a shattering revelation destroying the myth created by the science establishment through the conspiracy of government funded experts and their media fellow travelers.They have it all wrong, if Einstein their most vaunted hero is wrong. So it is important to maintain the myth that establishment science has all of the correct answers. But the busting of the Einstein myth, and all the other myths that the science experts are selling, opens up a new way of viewing the universe without Einstein and the vaunted experts with PHDs and impressive titles standing in the way of our human understanding. It is a revolution in intellectual thought. That is the experts do not have the exclusive title to the truth and so there must be some other truth worth discovering for ourselves. Hence the film is about a new road to scientific truth, one that does not depend upon the experts who have led us in the wrong direction for 100 years. It is a film about a revolution creating new kind of intellectual freedom.

Scientific Truth

Several years ago this writer attended a lecture given by a well known author of books explaining Einstein's theory of relativity. During the course of the lecture he attempted to explain the twins paradox, the bending of space and warping of time as well as other mysteries of relativity. Towards the end he declared in a definitive way that according to Einstein's general theory of relativity that gravity did not exist. This was greeted by universal disbelief. The audience, which consisted of high school science students and their teachers were obviously confused. How was it possible that gravity does not exist, when we have been told repeatedly how gravity is the most important force in the universe? The mystery was never fully explained. All the answers given were met by more puzzlement and failed to explain this mysterious conclusion drawn from Einstein's general theory of relativity.

David de Hilster's film is a first step forward in a revolution of scientific truth that is needed to resolve the mystery of Einstein's relativity. It declares a simple fact that resolves the problems encountered in trying to make sense of Einstein's relativity theory. That solution is that Einstein is Wrong. Hence we can sweep away all of the confusion, puzzlement, and mystery surrounding the Einstein theories just by the simple realization that there is nothing to understand in these ideas, because they are wrong and so do not deserve our attempts to make sense out of them. They are just nonsense and should be dismissed from our minds as any thing relating to any possible correct scientific theory of our world as we experience it.

The film documents why a new approach to truth is sorely needed in a society that worships scientific truth determined by unknown self appointed experts, who are unfortunately contaminated by self serving ignorance. The film documents how to bring science back to a foundation that is not the property of academic experts, who have a particular view of the world that they seek to impose upon the population of ignorant humans. The film has an entirely different agenda. It seeks to unmask the illusion that science deals in truth, or scientific knowledge, and shows us that this concept is an illusion.Ultimately, any concept of scientific truth is intimately an individual belief. That is human truth is personal.

OnStepsScientific truth is not supposed to be personal, but universal, that is something that is discovered outside of human experience. We are supposed to bow to this truth because it is objective, and impersonal. That is it is not based upon human experience, and is based upon mathematical expertise determining scientific knowledge. But who is it that controls this objective knowledge? The academic community of experts controls this. We have no reason to trust that their concept of truth is indeed true.They are not honest or even uninterested. They promote a truth that is dishonest because it derives from academic and government authority. They along with the governments have a vested interest in promoting their self interest. We must not and should not trust them. They need to show that they are honest and objective and they do not and can not show that they believe in truth.

An obvious example of the failure of so called mainstream academic and governmental science to promote real truth in science is that while we know that Einstein's theories are obviously wrong, the academics tell us that they are scientifically true. The film documents some important examples of the deception that is being promoted by the science establishment. First, there is the example of the Global Positioning System or GPS which is claimed to be based upon the Einstein theory of relativity but actually is not. In fact GPS refutes Einstein's special relativity because it uses a absolute or universal system of time measurement, which relativity says can not exist. Second we have the famous Hafele-Keating experiment which is claimed to be a validation of special relativity but does not actually validate it. A famous dissident scientist Domina Spencer discusses why the data doesn't prove that the theory is validated by this experiment. One has to conclude that the experiment either proves nothing or actually refutes special relativity depending upon how one interprets the data.

Catchy Theme Song

The artistic elements in the film deserve as much attention as do the intellectual aspects. One of the most outstanding elements is the outstandingly beautiful musical score. In a documentary one does not expect to find an original musical score. Here there is an outstanding musical composition in the theme song. It is not just a pleasing catchy tune, it is well written and the lyrics deserve careful attention, but most astonishing is that it is sung by a woman with an extraordinary beautiful voice. Her singing is engaging and wonderful. The music in the film is extraordinary in itself and it is worth viewing the film just to appreciate the music alone. The photography is professionally done, although there is nothing dramatically artistic about it. It is simply well executed.

KissingLuandaThe film uses effective artistic methods to develop multiple thematic ideas that contribute to a strong audience impact, making it an effectively entertaining film. This is most effective in the way that the de Hilster family life, that is the real experience of real people, fits beautifully into the film as a backdrop that supports the primary theme of the documentary. The film deals with the birth of David's daughter, a wonderful human experience, and the averted tragedy of his fathers near death due to lung cancer. These are the realities of human existence, that occur along the road to any search for truth.That is the real world always rules us and our lives and it is the experience of living that ultimately makes our individual human journeys worthwhile. The artistic value of the film is therefore able to support the rather heavy theme of a scientific social revolution that is, unfortunately, highly technical and probably unappealing to many audiences. The artistic merit outweighs these deficiencies.

Einstein Wrong is a film that challenges us to come to grips with whether or not we believe in science as a method of proof regarding what is true in terms of the real world. That is science is supposed to deal with what is actually true and real about the world rather than what we humans would like to believe is true based upon our metaphysical prejudices and myth making tendencies. If we reject that idea of real world truth and replace it with myth making, we are lost in a sea of confusion. We have to make choices about truth that we alone are responsible for and that is a daunting task. We would like to avoid that responsibility and just let the experts decide. But that is the crisis of our times. We should not let the experts decide, because they are not honest and do not have our best interests in mind because they have their own interests and the interests of those who pay them uppermost, and that is the difficulty in the blind acceptance of any kind of establishment scientific knowledge.

David de Hilster's documentary film Einstein Wrong is destined to be remembered as a pioneering introduction to the social revolution in science that is underway and gaining momentum. Its artistic values enable a complex philosophical idea that is growing out of a small social group to be presented to a wide audience of people who may not be aware of scientific methods and procedures. That difficulty is bypassed by making the film entertaining on its own terms. The viewer may not understand why Einstein is wrong, or even believe that, but he will understand why people are asking that question and arriving at the answer that Einstein may be wrong. That opens up new vistas of scientific exploration into a future without Einstein's theories. We have the possibility of new ideas about the universe and its creation. Ideas which add a new and different perspective to the human experience of nature. I cant wait for the new revolution to take place so that the range of human ideas can expand and our contemplation and wonder at the beauty of our natural world is developed toward a a more nearly perfect human understanding.It is not a film that documents the alleged affair between Einstein and Marilyn Monroe, it goes beyond the pop culture image of Einstein as the greatest scientific mind of the 20th century to ask important deeply profound philosophical questions: Is science to be the pursuit of only the establishment academics? Is the science promoted by the science establishment really true and correct, and is scientific truth the only way humans ought to conceive and interpret the world? That is, is the truth of human experience, that which the scientific experts tell us that it is, or is truth something that each one of us determines according to his own rules and beliefs?

About the Reviewer, Harry H. Ricker III


Harry H. Ricker III

Harry Ricker’s first dissident scientific paper was titled “Report On The Discovery Of Interstellar Dust Filaments”. It reflects his interest in astronomy and astrophysics, which was stimulated by his astronomy classes in college. Over the years he has owned a number of telescopes, and he is an active amateur astronomer. The paper on dust filaments was inspired by an interest in collecting astrophotographs, and the study of them. Morphology , the study of forms, had not been systematically applied to interstellar dust formations, and this was systematically studied. Unfortunately, the results were not well received as they contradicted the received view that the interstellar medium is a diffuse gas with interspersed puffy clouds. The filaments discovery contradicts this model. The dust filaments are more like cirrus clouds than the cumulus clouds that are required for star formation.

Around 1990, Harry’s interest shifted to electromagnetic theory. This was inspired by the papers of Ivor Catt which appeared in Wireless World, and suggested a different way to view the theory of electricity and magnetism. This inspired an investigation of the history of magnetism and electricity, a study which has revealed a number of interesting new insights into this history. This includes the discovery of theories of magnetism in the presocratic greek period and the middle ages.

Around 1995, as a result of his studies in electricity and magnetism, Harry began an investigation of the special theory of relativity and discovered that this theory didn't seem to really fit into the electromagnetic theory as claimed by the textbooks. This initiated a detailed analysis of the theory of relativity which has resulted in his disowning that theory as false and misleading. This began a long period of study which culminated in a new approach to that theory which eliminates its contradictions, paradoxes, and absurd conclusions.

Harry entered Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University majoring in electrical engineering , following the profession of his father, who was a NASA engineer at Langley Field, VA. His interest in electronics was inspired by his childhood hobby, amateur radio, and this later led to a lifelong passion for the study of electromagnetic theory, antennas, and radio systems. In 1971 he received the B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1970 he began graduate studies in electrical engineering at The University of New Hampshire, and received his M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in 1972.

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    NASA is currently building the Heliophysics System Observatory, which combines existing and future satellite resources in space, including THEMIS, ARTEMIS, the recently launched twin Van Allen Radiation Belt Probes, and the four Magnetospheric MultiScale satellites, which will be launched in 2014 (and which have involved UCLA scientific and hardware participation).

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    Last week, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology took aim at the asteroid retrieval mission, passing a NASA authorization bill that would prohibit the agency from pursuing the project without special approval from Congress. 

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    ZURICH, Aug 13 (Reuters) – Asset management firm GAM Holding said client assets edged higher in the first half of2013, held back by the loss of a large mandate, heavywithdrawals from its physical gold fund and June’s equitiesmarket fall.

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    The number of missing people is down from a high of about 1,200 several days ago, a decrease that occurred as families reunited, evacuees registered at shelters and rescuers reached more remote locales.

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    In September 2012, the collapse of sea ice broke all records when the polar ice cap melted to only 1.3 million square miles. This year’s minimum was also considerably lower than the average set over the past 30 years.

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    Fortunately, the effects of inconsistent bedtimes in young children appear to be reversible. The researchers from University College London suggested that nurses and family physicians could make a habit of asking about children’s bedtimes during checkups.

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    Elizarova, who describes London as “the centre” of her universe, was discovered at the age of 14 in her hometown and was sent to modelling school in France, before she settled in London and completed a law degree.

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    Reuters said the split is even more pronounced with people below the age of 40. Among those respondents, with 41%, or 408, said they preferred Sony’s PS4; 27% chose the Xbox One. The poll was conducted the week of Sept. 23.

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    Five decades after President John F. Kennedy was fatally shot and long after official inquiries ended, thousands of pages of investigative documents remain withheld from public view. The contents of these files are partially known — and intriguing — and conspiracy buffs are not the only ones seeking to open them for a closer look.

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    “The biggest hurdle is to get the systems up and running,” said one health insurance official. “Nothing’s happened so far that prevents you from being up and running on October 1. But there’s virtually no margin for error.”

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    The number of lobsters suffering from shell disease remains tiny in Maine — only three out of every 1,000 lobsters sampled last year had the disease. But scientists and lobstermen are concerned because the prevalence grew fivefold from 2010 to 2012.

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    “We want to see people stand up and give whatever information may be of use to the police without delay, so that the small minority who are all too often responsible for carrying out this type of attack are apprehended and brought to justice.”

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    Both Chang’s previous books are banned in China, and she is only allowed to return there, to visit her sister and mother (her three brothers live in Canada, France and Britain), on condition she visits no other friends and avoids all travel and political activities. Much of the research for this biography took place in the Chinese archives.

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    Cooper, who is expected to fill in for the injured Jeremy Maclin, acknowledged that he would like to apologize to the security guard in person. “It’s going to be tough, no doubt about it,” he said. “I’m going to live with this every day for the rest of my life. It’s one of those things, you can’t let it affect your play on the field, and that’s what I’m going to strive to do.”

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    “The Defense Department has responsibility to provide the president with options for all contingencies,” he said. “And that requires positioning our forces, positioning our assets, to be able to carry out different options – whatever options the president might choose.”

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    Vietnam War veteran Mike Bowen, 65, will complete a 58,282-mile run Friday to commemorate each and every American soldier killed or missing in action during the bloody conflict, carrying a POW/MIA flag with him.

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    But speaking on behalf of Catholic bishops, the Archbishops of Westminster and Southwark, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols and the Most Rev Peter Smith, said an institution which had underpinned stability in society for centuries had now been changed permanently.

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    McCarthy became emotional at times when she discussed the health problems caused by smog, such as the life-threatening Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) that afflicts Daniel Dolan-Laughlin, a retired railroad executive from Wheaton, Illinois.

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    But the reports failed to move the needle on futures astraders focused on a much-anticipated statement from the FederalReserve that could spell out the U.S. central bank’s stimulusroadmap for the coming months.

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    But organisations including Cancer Research UK and Alcohol Research UK condemned the decision and accused the government of caving in to “shameful” lobbying from the drinks industry.

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    Critics, pointing to the Quebec disaster and a series ofrecent pipeline spills in Canada and the United States, complainthat neither rail nor pipelines are reliable enough. They alsosay pipeline companies do not always reveal quickly that a spillhas occurred.

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    “I suspect that Miriam will start tomorrow by trying to change his image and make him look like the normal, average, clean-cut young kid,” said Walter Prince, a former federal prosecutor in Boston who is now a partner with the law firm Prince Lobel. He is not involved in the case.

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    “After exhausting any realistic possibility for a sale that might have protected our entire investment, the department announced today that we are auctioning the remainder of Fisker’s loan obligation, offering the best possible recovery for the taxpayer,” said Peter Davidson, executive director of the DOE’s loan program office, in a blog post.

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    Cost estimates for construction of the train line, a major priority of California Governor Jerry Brown’s, have ballooned to $68 billion, far more than what Musk believes it will cost to build the Hyperloop.

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    When you even heard the suggestion that Donald Fehr, who must need more than hockey to do, might be coming back to run the Major League Baseball Players Association, you had to think that in addition to the “best interests of the game” power that the commissioner has, somebody ought to throw in “worst interests of the game” as well.

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    We’ve all heard this story before: a bright young thing sets out to make it as a star on the silver screen, but fame isn’t everything he thought it would be. This time, though, it’s not Hollywood. And it’s not Debbie Reynolds. In fact, it’s a Somali Pirate named “Big Mouth.”

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    “It’s kinda like people trying to get tickets to the firstPirates home playoff game, right?” said White House spokesmanJay Carney, referring to Pittsburgh’s baseball team, which hasjust reached the post-season playoffs for the first time in 21years.

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    A Pentagon spokesman, Army Col. Steve Warren, said the decision was being reviewed by lawyers considering a series of legal questions, including whether money that comes from sources other than Congress could be used to pay for sports during the government shutdown.

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    James Clapper, director of National Intelligence, General Keith Alexander, director of the NSA, and James Cole, deputy attorney general, who testified at the hearing, said they were open to discussing some changes in the government surveillance programs.

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    At the southern tip of Normandy lies the Parc Naturel du Perche. A picturesque patchwork of French countryside, seamed by winding streams and ramblers' footpaths, quilted with extensive forests and dotted with farms and orchards. Known for its tall Norman barns, local cider, and the sturdy Percheron draught horses used to pull heavy loads, it is a bucolic setting very different from the savannahs of Kenya that I am used to.

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    FranceAgriMer, part of the French Ministry of Agriculture, said the 2013 harvest would be one of the worst in 40 years and blamed cool temperatures and heavy rains both the poor quality and lower quantity of grapes.

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    BEIJING/HONG KONG – China reiterated its opposition on Thursday to a European Union plan to limit airline carbon dioxide emissions and called for talks to resolve the issue a day after its major airlines refused to pay any carbon costs under the new law.

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    SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets have flown six times, including atest flight on Sunday of an upgraded booster designed to deliverheavier payloads into orbit. They are being developed to flyback to the launch site for re-use.

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    Over the weekend, so-called proxy solicitor firms working for Dell directors called individual investors, such as people who own Dell shares in their brokerage accounts, according to people familiar with the outreach efforts.

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    “President Obama is disappointed that Speaker Boehner is preventing his members from coming to the White House,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday. “The president thought it was important to talk directly with the members who forced this economic crisis on the country about how the shutdown and a failure to pay the country’s bills could devastate the economy.”

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    You can choose your friends, as the old saw almost has it, but not your office-worker relatives. If MPs want that handy extra £50,000 in the family coffers, there must be a price to pay beyond a spouse smiling grimly through the misery of the summer fete.

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    The latest data from the Bank of England showed that the number of mortgage approvals jumped to 60,624 last month from 58,238 – the highest level since March 2008. The Bank itself had not expected mortgage approvals, which are now 30pc higher than last July, to reach this level until the end of the year.

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    The case is now likely headed to the Supreme Court of Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada considered assisted suicide 20 years ago when it looked at the case of Sue Rodriguez, who had Lou Gehrig’s disease. The Court held that, regardless of circumstances, no one could legally assist in another person’s death.

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    Mickelson said he had a weird dream Saturday night before the final round at Merion. He dreamed he won the U.S. Open and then, when he awoke, he realized it was only Sunday. That Monday, of course, never came.

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    Brunon K has apparently confessed to trying to recruit and train people in the use of explosives, and investigators believe that given the scale of the planned attack on parliament he would have needed assistance.

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    Scott Matthews rattles off the details like he is reciting items on a grocery list. July 14, 1972. Tom Seaver pitching in San Diego against the Padres. Duffy Dyer behind the plate. And Dave Schneck, in his major league debut, hitting a two-run homer to give the Mets a 3-2 win.

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    Martinez batted .271 with 339 home runs, and he was a four-time World Series champion with the New York Yankees. He had a three-year contract with the Marlins but said because he resigned, he’ll receive no buyout.

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    The radiocarbon dating that Benson performed on the etchings near Nevada’s now-dry Winnemucca Lake was done by first figuring out when the limestone boulders were above the water line. The lake was full of rocks at one time during its history. The rocks are now at an elevation of 3,960 feet, but at one time, they were submerged by the water of the lake.

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    “I think the spirit of everybody is down. The people of Bakassi, apart from being Nigerians, they are also citizens of the world, and they needed the protection of the world, which they hadn't seen,” he told the BBC's Newsday programme.

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    Michael Dell’s unusual demand sparked outrage among major investors and is likely to incite aggressive legal challenges, law experts say. His offer now requires a majority of all shareholders’ votes, a difficult bar to meet because about a quarter of shares have not been voted either way, which then count as votes against him.

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    Bombardier Commercial Aircraft President Michele Arcamonetold a press conference on Monday the development cost hadclimbed to $3.9 billion, but he later sought to backtrack onthat figure, telling reporters the company had always targetedcosts at “less than $4 billion” and saying that $3.4 billionremained the official estimate.

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    C&A, KiK and El Corte Ingles already agreed in April tocontribute to a $5.7 million fund for the victims of the Tazreenfire, but were discussing details of that plan in Geneva.($1=0.7518 euros) (Reporting by Emma Thomasson in Berlin; Editing by GregMahlich)

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    Though the main event is just about done, advisers are stillon alert. American expects to leaves bankruptcy and merge withUS Airways Group Inc by year end, triggeringdistribution of about 9.5 percent of stock in the new company topilots over four months.

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    There have also been two recent cavity-search controversies in other states: Last year in Florida a Citrus County woman, who’d recently been charged with driving under the influence, was pulled over by sheriff’s deputies while driving with her children. In a federal lawsuit, the woman claimed she was given a cavity search on the roadside; in Milwaukee, police were disciplined after 2012 reports surfaced that eight cops had conducted genital searches on arrested suspects without the legal authority to do so.

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    The highest single donation was £20 whilst the lowest was 1p. A fifth donated £10 or more. The experiment was carried out by IKEA, to launch its annual Soft Toys for Education Campaign in support of Save the Children and UNICEF.

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    “When you think of the brand for Big East basketball, it’s tough, defensive-minded teams,” Miller said. “When you lose your top three leading scorers, and the strength of the conference is to keep you from scoring the basketball, that’s a challenge.”

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    The RFA said gasoline with higher blends of ethanol, such asthe 15 percent ethanol “E15” gasoline, can save consumers moneyat the pump and reduce U.S. dependence on imported foreign oil. (Reporting By Cezary Podkul; editing by Jim Marshall)

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    To be fair, there’s more to it than that. Tesco’s online offering genuinely rivals Amazon’s. Blinkbox, the film and TV streaming service they bought last year, is bundled in – just as Amazon’s Lovefilm is on Kindle Fire. Following Tesco’s purchase of online music retailer We7 last year, Hudl users can also download music from Blinkbox Music. And lots of music, too – not just that Nadine Coyle album Tesco ‘exclusively’ distributed to nobody in 2010.

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    When Congress reconvenes on September 9 after its summer break, Boehner said, “Our intent is to move quickly on a short-term continuing resolution that keeps the government running and maintains current sequester spending levels.”

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    The stock rebounded after an initial 2 percent to 3 percentslide, trading 1.1 percent higher at $27.19 after the companydisclosed better-than-expected results from China’s Alibaba, theInternet giant of which Yahoo owns 24 percent.

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    But shortly after Cruz tried to rally his Republican colleagues to vote against cloture, a spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that McConnell would not support Cruz’s filibuster push.  Instead, the Kentucky Republican, along with the Senate’s No. 2 Republican Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said they would not block a bill that would defund Obamacare. Translation: They will vote in favor of cloture, since they support the House resolution, but they’ll ultimately vote against the final Senate amended resolution.

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    Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC), the world’slargest chemicals producer, slipped 0.5 percent. Its subsidiary,Saudi Kayan, posted below-forecast earnings, followingthe trend of two sister companies. Kayan, which reported anarrower loss but failed to match estimates, fell 2.6percent.

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    Saltzberg is even kind of a celebrity himself now, though mainly within the scientific community. “It’s funny that when I go to a conference, more people ask me about the show than how my work is going,” he chuckled. “I still have my day job.”

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    Dr Irvine, who did most of his work at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup, has not conducted any clinical work for the trust since November 2012, but remains on full pay as the investigation is carried out.

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    Stuart Errington, deputy chief fire officer for County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the gentleman at this tragic time. As a service we aim to protect and educate the members of our communities about the dangers of fire.

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    Price guidance on the $255 million first-lien term loan wasset at LIB 450-500 with a 1 percent Libor floor. The seven-yearloan was offered at an original issue discount (OID) of 99 withsix months of 101 soft call protection.

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    “Britain is holding its nerve, we are sticking to our plan, and the British economy is on the mend – but there is still a long way to go and I know things are still tough for families,” Osborne said in a statement.

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    “Those who hid their money in Switzerland would have got a pass and paid less than those who pay their taxes honestly,” said Kraft. “The deal the federal government struck with the Swiss would have made those honest people look like fools.”

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    The second paper, written two years previous, presents an earlier version of this model. The third paper, which Yellen authored alone before either of her papers on the topic with Akerlof, reviews the literature on efficiency wages up to that point.

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    Ashton called for a European satellite communications systemthat could be used for both military and civilian purposes, toreplace member states’ existing military satellites whoseoperational life is due to end by 2025. (Editing by Robin Pomeroy)

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    That is what it should take to rescue Collins’ job, and that is what would send a real message that this franchise isn’t forever on some kind of Groundhog’s Day treadmill. It is what Sandy Alderson needs, too, before everyone starts viewing him as some fake wizard hiding behind a luxury-tax curtain.

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    He said a flaw in the government’s calculations was that itsexperts assumed the Macondo well could tap the entire underlyingreservoir of oil. BP’s petroleum engineering experts, on theother hand, estimated that the well actually had access to aslittle as 10 percent of the reservoir, Brock said.

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    Having been a T-Mobile customer for three years, following a long sordid affair with both Sprint & AT&T, I won’t be switching to pick up the iPhone 5S when it debuts. Although its network gets particularly questionable in some specific places I frequent, T-Mobile’s  Wi-Fi calling features have made me a fan for life.

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    It was the second security breach that the company hasdisclosed in five months. In February, the maker of Macs andiPhones said that some Mac computers had been infected byhackers who had also attacked Facebook Inc and othertechnology companies. ()

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    I am glad Obama DID choose to take it to Congress. It gives our nation a shot at avoiding this conflict. . .which I feel is worth the increased short-term global risk of a lame-duck President. Hopefully our elected representatives will follow the will of the people, and vote to keep us out.

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    As Isabelle remained hospitalized and unconscious Thursday, investigators were still trying to determine a motive and say it’s not yet clear whether Stapleton’s challenges with her daughter — written in heartbreaking detail in regular posts on her blog, the Status Woe — were a factor. But mental health experts agree that caring for a relative with special needs can be difficult, leading people to feel overwhelmed and stressed.

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    Chou has said publicly he has no intention to stand down,and executives – none of whom wanted to be named because of thesensitive nature of the issue – said HTC has no clear internalsuccessor. “Part of the weakness is there is no obvioussuccessor, and that’s not been good for morale,” one said.

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    Among the shooting and killing there are also jarring moments of humanity. In one sequence, a gunman is seen ushering a woman and four children out of the supermarket. Upstairs his fellow attackers executed others and flung hand grenades at a children’s cookery competition.

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    Actor Hugh Laurie, star of U.S. TV medical drama “House”, won the prize back in 1981 when it was called the Perrier Comedy Award. Steve Coogan and the sketch group behind the dark British TV comedy “League of Gentlemen” have also won the award.

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    Hans von Spakovsky, senior legal fellow at The HeritageFoundation, said acting too precipitously against an employeewith mental issues may trigger a discrimination lawsuit underthe Americans with Disabilities Act.

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    The MPC voted unanimously to keep interest rates on hold, with no signs that any of the ‘knock-out’ clauses that can void the forward guidance policy were close to being breached, and saw little case for more stimulus.

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    “On the issues they care about, from minimum wage to tenant issues to development, they are absolutely definitional — they can set the debate at the city and the state level,” de Blasio said of the WFP in 2010.

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    “The cabinet that he has proposed is an expert, highly educated cabinet,” Esmail Gerami-Moghaddam, a reformist former member of parliament, told Reuters. “He has chosen reformists and Principlists whose records all show they are really moderates.”

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    The S&P/ASX 200 index added 22 points, or 0.4percent, to 5,378.1 by 0015 GMT, hovering near a 5-year high.The benchmark fell 0.3 percent in the last session, snapping asix-day winning streak as higher-than-expected inflation datareduced the odds of further interest rate cuts.

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    Competition is heating up with Samsung’s cross-town rival LGElectronics planning to introduce a smartphone with a verticallycurved display in the first week of November, a source familiarwith the matter said this week.

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    The group reported second-quarter sales of 4.29 billioneuros, up 4 percent adjusted for currency effects and driven byemerging markets, and an 8 percent gain in operating profit to660 million euros.

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    The SEC case had been on hold while prosecutors in New Yorksought since 2010 to obtain the conviction of the two men on abroad set of criminal charges including securities fraud andmaking false statements to auditors.

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    Some sufferers find their symptoms improve when they increase the amount of fibre in their diets (together with drinking plenty of fluids), others need to reduce or eliminate common gas-producing foods such as beans and cabbage. For those suffering from lactose intolerance, avoiding or cutting back on dairy foods will help.

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    A small but vociferous band of visiting fans, waving large Canadian flags, cheered every winning shot Pospisil mustered but Djokovic wrapped up victory when his opponent slammed a forehand into the net.

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    And so it is with 529 plans. Open one for junior when he’s little, feed it regularly, and you’ll be happy to have a pot of tax-free savings when it is time to matriculate. (One word to the wise: Keep the account in your name, and name your child the beneficiary, to avoid the funds hurting his financial aid eligibility.)

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    Cross-border financing could potentially drastically reducefunding costs for Chinese firms and expose domestic banks tomore foreign competition, but would also provide Chinese banksan outlet to find new clients overseas.

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    Akong was known as a charismatic religious leader who searched for ways for Tibetans and Chinese to work together. Many Tibetans have bridled at rule by Beijing ever since the Chinese Communist Party and its military invaded and occupied central Tibet in 1951. In recent years, tensions between Tibetans and Chinese security forces deployed across the Tibetan plateau have soared: In 2008, Tibetans took part in a mass uprising, which was harshly suppressed, and since then more than 100 Tibetans have set themselves on fire in protest.

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    It is the most determined offensive yet against the sect,whose nickname translates as “Western education is sinful” andwhose struggle to carve an Islamic state out ofreligiously-mixed Nigeria has destabilised Africa’s top oilproducer.

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    Girardi said last weekend that he would like to figure out his future sooner rather than later. That process continued Wednesday, as Cashman and Girardi’s agent, Steve Mandell, had lunch in New York to discuss the manager’s future with the Yankees.

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    The Pentagon’s F-35 program office said the move followedimprovements to the Rockwell-Elbit helmet, including a betternight vision camera, and would save about $45 million in fundingthat would have been needed to finish the BAE helmet.

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