Long Beach Screening A Gala Night!


Director David de Hilster with his mom and dad Robert and Patricia de Hilster, the main characters in the documentary.

(December 8, 2013, Long Beach, California) The Screening of Einstein Wrong at the Arts Theater in Long Beach on Saturday night, December 7, 2013 was a resounding success with many who took part in the project during the last 9 years showing up for the event.

VIP guests arrived to wine and cheese and great conversation in anticipation of the film.  Present were the directory, composer, and some of the main characters including one of the scientists in the film, Ron Hatch.

At 9:30 the screening began, lasting 90 minutes met with a round of applause.

After the screening, the directory showed the music video for the documentary with a special presentation of live singing by the composer Micheal Ruggieir and main voice Kayla Trindade-Schweitzer singing to the theme song "Miracle Year" with music and lyrics by Michael Ruggieri.


Composer Michael Ruggieri with singer Kayla Trindade-Schweitzer singing live to the music video and theme song to Einstein Wrong - The Miracle Year.

Following the music video, director / writer Kip Stolberg introduced the panel including the composer Michael Ruggieri, Patricia de Hilster, Robert de Hilster, David de Hilster, and Ron Hatch.  There were lively responses to Kip Slolberg's questions and comments on the film with some

questions form the audience.

Congrats to all and stay tuned as Einstein Wrong hits the festival circuit.Overall, the screening was a resounding success with praises for the film, graphics, story, and music.


Robert de Hilster talks about his scientific work on gravity during the panel discussion.

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